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Riding With the Window Down...
Riding with the Window Down
YouTube playlist - marketing self improvement - Chris Doelle
15 Seconds of Real – ☆ Award winning short marketing messages ☆
Lone Star Gridiron
Fresh 3 (centered)
Fresh Media Works
500 eye-rolling jokes, puns, guffaws, gut-busters and groaners

Lame Jokes Rule

Chris Doelle has always been a fan of lame, corny jokes and has become known as quite the jokester online. His hashtag #lamejokesrule has grown into an online phenomenon prompting the release of this book. This collection of one-liners, rib ...

iphone app fun free game

Banana Car Game – iPhone app

Yes, I have made an iPhone game app and it's absolutely


Student-Athlete Social Media Playbook

Student-Athlete Social Media Playbook on